Premium Transportation

In order to provide and provide a complete logistic service, NAL ensure that their services are able to be provided at both origin and destination in order to provide a complete service. You can rely on NAL's experienced staff to handle your transportation needs efficiently and promptly, keeping you informed at all times. Dedicated equipment enables us to make on-time deliveries, and our carriers are always paid promptly and treated with respect at NAL.

By constantly researching the market and investigating competitors' rates, NAL  keeps its rates competitive with other logistics companies. Our Services include:

  • Continuously updated order status reports provided by a computerized order tracking system.
  • We provide complete customs clearance services
  • Managing the carrier's release of a shipment
  • Airfreight collection or delivery at a local location
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Examinations by customs, as needed
  • Declarations and claims management for marine or air insurance.
  • The warehousing process
  • All import shipments must have proof of delivery
  • For all exports, sea and air, pre-notification and confirmation of departure is provided on a timely basis.

Shippers and importers have their own specific requirements for each of these services, and it's our responsibility as proactive companies to recognize their specific needs and to tailor our services to satisfy them. We would appreciate the opportunity to review your requirements and provide a quote, or to work with your carrier to increase equipment efficiency and revenue.