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Being in the trucking industry. Various discounts and deals can range from earning points from simply filling up your tank or cashing them in for a large soda or even score a free shower. This week we have broken down some of the biggest discount and saving programs available to truckers to maximize all these benefits from simply doing your job. Since most drivers tend to frequent truck stops as their one stop shop, many of these trucks stops offer programs and rewards for the average trucker. On average, various networks will cover over 10,000 gas stations across the country and drivers have the ability to see their fuel chart at any location of the card network.

My Love Rewards:

  • Next time you stop at a Speedco or Love’s be sure to pick up a My Love’s Reward card. The way this rewards card works is that you earn points on every purchase made with this card. They even offer a mobile app so that you can be sure to check the balance of the card and look at freebies to spend once you earn a certain number of points. Some of the most appreciated rewards from this card is the opportunity to turn them into shower credits. As all drivers know, a nice hot shower is a luxury while on a long drive and an opportunity to snag a free shower card is something all drivers should be taking advantage of.

Pilot Flying J’s Loyalty Program:

  • Pilot Flying J’s program works in relation to the truck stop app. The way it’s designed is to monitor rewards earned from getting gas, snacks and drinks and converts to free laundry, showers and soft drinks. This program simply rewards you just for pressing activate at the start of each month on your phone. This program is a fan favorite amongst truckers as it rewards you for literally pressing activate on the app. Plus the opportunity to do some free laundry as a thank you for spending money on gas, an avoidable expense.

TA-Petro’s Ultra ONE Loyalty:

  • This rewards program lets you redeem points earned from this gas card for restaurants, WIFI and even parking. Filling up your semi at this gas station can guarantee you up to four rewards points per one gallon of gas! You can also receive points by purchasing some beef jerky at the TA truck service. The Ultra ONE Loyalty program is set up amongst a variety of different levels for point redemptions and they even gift you a surprise the month of your birthday!

Shell Fleet Navigator:

  • The Shell Fleet Navigator card can provide up to 5 cents per gallon of fuel. However, based on the research of this loyalty program it appears shell doesn’t provide the specific amount spent to receive 5 cents per gallon. On the other hand, this card can be used at 95% of all gas stations making it the most accepted card of any with rewards programs. This card does not include an annual fee but can also be used at any of the Jiffy Lube locations making it a necessity if you need a last-minute oil change.

WEX FlexCard:

  • The WEX card will guarantee 3 points per gallon regardless of how much you are spending monthly. This card just like the Shell Fleet Navigator can be used at 95% of all gas stations and you have the ability to carry a balance if needed and no need to worry about any hidden or monthly fees.

Key Benefits of a fuel card:

  • Save money on fuel charges by using a point-based system
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Perks such as free showers, laundry, WIFI, free dinner at restaurants and so much more

What to Consider when Deciding on a specific card:

  • What is the size of your truck?
  • Are you an owner/ operator or are you contracted through a 3PL?
  • What areas or region are you completing most of your drives?
  • What rewards are most important to you?
  • Does your company provide any perks for driving exclusively with them?

Ask yourself, is a fuel card worth it?:

  • Some cards may include monthly or annual fees, if that is the case, is it worth signing up for one being that the entire point of a fuel card is to save money on gas and not spend it trying to save gas?
  • Find out if your dispatcher has any available perks, they can recommend prior to signing up for a fuel card.
  • Do the math, find out how much you are averaging monthly on fuel and gas station snacks to see the saving potential that awaits you.
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